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Top 10 List

A Top 10 list is a generic term used to indicate a list of items, usually ten in number, which are considered to be best, worst, or notable in some other way, typically a record chart.

We will keep a running “Top 10 List” of our experiences throughout our trip to China throughout the trip.

Oddest/Worst Travel Experience:

  1. No non-smoking hotel room/restaurants (Our throats are hurting really bad).
  2. Loud snorting noises and subsequent spitting in trashcans and on the streets.
  3. Not being able to communicate with waiter in Dim Sum Restaurant. What will they bring us to eat.
  4. Everyone smoking in Xi’An.
  5. Driving on streets and highways AND sidewalks AND across lane lines (into incoming traffic).
  6. Our toothpaste was confiscated while passing through security in Jacksonville.
  7. Nail file has been confiscated at Hong Kong airport.
  8. Signs translated into English, that make no sense. Ex. “Please go ahead and don’t stop on the way” seen in Shanghai airport.

Favorite Things Mrs. Tolisano:

  1. Ferry from Hong Kong to Lantau
  2. Terra-Cotta Warriors
  3. Hong Kong from Victoria Peak
  4. Hong Kong Skyline at night
  5. Shanghai from the 88th floor of the Jinmao Dasha tower.
  6. Grand Opera House in Xi’An
  7. Mountain view from the Terra-Cotta Warrior Museum.

Most Unusual View:

  1. Hanging detached animal head (entire head with horns) in food market with eyes still open.
  2. Pink nurses in Pharmacy.
  3. Three wheeled trucks, cars, and motorcycles in Xi’An.

Best Food:

  1. Hutong lunch in Beijing
  2. Hot Pot lunch in Xi’An
  3. Spring Rolls
  4. Pumkin/Sesame cake in Shanghai
  5. Spinach in Lantau
  6. Breakfast Buffet at Hotel in Hong Kong
  7. German candy “Nimm 2” from a Hong Kong 7 Elven store

Worst Food:

  1. Pig’s Blood
  2. Chicken Feet
  3. Eels
  4. Slimey Rice Soup (Congee)
  5. McDonald’s Green Bean Pie
  6. Buffet lunch in Beijing at Pearl Market

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