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Amazing Race

San Jose Episcopal Day School’s 5th and 6th graders will be participating in a virtual “Amazing Race” in December when two of their teachers will be physically traveling to China.

Grade levels are divided into class teams who will have to read blogs, listen to soundseeing- tours, follow along video-clips and download and research background information in order to complete challenges and get through road blocks.

  1. Teams will receive clues in form of a challenge, detour, or roadblock.
  2. Each challenge will have to be completed in its entirety and accurately in order to receive the next clue which takes the team closer to the next pitstop.
  3. There will be seven legs on the Amazing China Race. The final destination of each leg ends with a pitstop.
  4. Teams will not be eliminated at the pitstops.
  5. Each challenge earns the team a predetermined amount of points.
  6. Some challenges will score according to the time it took the team to complete it, while others require in depth knowledge,creative or athletic abilities.
  7. Some challenges will earn additional points for bonus activities.
  8. All points will be tallied up at the pitstop.
  9. The team with the most points at the end of the last leg wins the Amazing Race.


Each clue will be delivered through blog entries or as a downloadable file directly from China.


Challenges will test the teams’ ability to work together collaboratively, creatively, and accurately. Each member must contribute to the team. Team members not contributing might result in lost points for their team. Challenges will involve different kinds of abilities. Team members with musical, mathematical, linguistic, artistic, logical, spacial, visual, technological, and culinary talents will be extremely valuable in earning points for their team.


A detour is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. Teams must successfully complete one of the tasks described on the clue in order to start on their next clue.


A roadblock is a task which only one team member may perform.


Team 5- Hayes 5-Dawson 5-McKnight
Noodle Challenge 80 (4:20) 60 (6:09) 100 (2:45)
Ping Pong Pitstop 60 (0:00) 100 (4:51 PM) 100 (4:51 PM)
Acrostic Poem Detour 40 45 50
Origami Roadblock 60 80 100
Tai Chi Challenge 60 80 100
Time Zone Pitstop 60 100 80
Terra-Cotta Challenge 180 140 160
Great Wall Challenge 60 100 80
FINAL POINTS 600 705 770


Team 6- Pickering 6-Freyer 6- Menger
Noodle Challenge 80 (4:38) 100 (1:44) 60 (12:14)
Ping Pong Pitstop 100 (5:17 PM) 80 (7:05 PM) 60 (0:00)
Acrostic Poem Detour 32 22 40
Origami Roadblock 80 100 60
Tai Chi Challenge 60 100 80
Time Zone Pitstop 100 60 80
Terra-Cotta Challenge 100 60 80
Great Wall Challenge 80 100 60
Dice Game Detour 100 80 60
FINAL POINTS 732 702 580

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