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Arrived in Xi’An – Updated

We have arrived safely in Xi’An. After only two days in Shanghai, we had to leave for Xi’An , but not before hopping on a high speed train. Can you imagine traveling at 431km per hour on a train that using magnetic forces, can hover over the tracks ? [wmv width=”320″ height=”240″]http://sjeds.org//blog/china/movies/maglev.wmv[/wmv] Once at the […]


We arrived safely in Shanghai. We flew for a little bit over 2 hours. Shanghai is about 773 miles from Hong Kong. The airport is humongous. As soon as we passed immigration and customs, we were met with our travel guide, Mr. Li. We felt very important arriving and someone holding up a sign with […]

After spending the morning packing and responding to your comments on the blog, we left for one last stroll around Hong Kong. We ended up wandering yet another street market and elbowed our way across busy streets. We witnessed how one bicyclist was almost run over by a truck. They started screaming at each other. […]

The airplane flew an amazing route. Can you tell from the picture where we were flying over? That is right…. THE NORTH POLE!!! WOW. No, we could not see anything below, since it was dark. So we cannot claim a Santa Clause sighting. We are sorry… The captain of the plane informed us that we […]

travel 016

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Jose in Airplane

I think Jose had a very comfortable flight. We were on the airplane for 15 hours and 55 minutes! We ate tons of food like Steak with rice, then a cheeseburger and Hagan Daaz ice cream and in the morning (or is it night here?) eggs with sausage. .flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; } […]

Follow us on the Map

If you want to follow our travels along through pictures on a world map, just click on the “MAP” tab on the top of the blog. The numbers on the little pink circles indicate how many pictures have been taken at that location. Just click on that circle to see the pictures. .flickr-photo { border: […]


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Off to China

Hi everyone back in Jacksonville. We are sitting somewhere in the International Airport of Newark, NJ. Mrs. St-Cyr is eating her breakfast in front of me, while I am writing our first blog entry. Both of us got up very early this morning around 3:30 am in order to make our flight which left at […]

Pack your bags ! We are going to China ! SJEDS students will travel to China through Technology. Bookmark this site to be part of an exciting discovery of Chinese culture, tradition, and history. Travel with us to Hong Kong, Beijing, Xian and Shanghai.