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In our two weeks of travel we used many different transportation methods in order to get from point A to point B. We have learned that people in different parts of the world are using very different kinds of transportation what we are used to in Jacksonville, Florida/USA. The kind of transportation used, often depends […]

Jose loves Beijing ! Yesterday we went on a Rickshaw Tour around Hutongs in old Beijing. [wmv width=”320″ height=”240″]http://sjeds.org/blog/china/movies/rickshaw.wmv[/wmv] The Hutongs are alleyways, where some of the Beijing residents live. Former officials and well to do families used to live in the hutongs, but most of them are now owned by the state and rented […]

After spending the morning packing and responding to your comments on the blog, we left for one last stroll around Hong Kong. We ended up wandering yet another street market and elbowed our way across busy streets. We witnessed how one bicyclist was almost run over by a truck. They started screaming at each other. […]

Here is a picture of one of the many taxis that are buzzing around Hong Kong. Most of them are the color red. Can you see the driver on the right side of the car? Ms. Barnwell’s class was the first class to respond with the reason for that. Way to go third graders!!!! Since […]