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Peking Dinner

After climbing the Great Wall we were taken to a food specialty of Beijing, the Peking Duck. The link below explains the dinner, the only difference is that on Mrs. St-Cyr’s plate the head of the duck was still on it, staring at her… Further Reading: Peking Duck

Here is a delayed post. When we were in Xi’An we did not have time to post the following: After a long day touring, we were taken to the Tang-Dynasty Palace where we were served a dumpling dinner. Dumplings are fillings wrapped in transparent rice-dough wrappers. The fillings seemed to be as varied as the […]

Jose loves Beijing ! Yesterday we went on a Rickshaw Tour around Hutongs in old Beijing. [wmv width=”320″ height=”240″]http://sjeds.org/blog/china/movies/rickshaw.wmv[/wmv] The Hutongs are alleyways, where some of the Beijing residents live. Former officials and well to do families used to live in the hutongs, but most of them are now owned by the state and rented […]

Ni Hao SJEDS, Many of you have asked us about Restaurants here in China. So far we have been to several ones. You already read about our adventure at the Dim Sum restaurant in Hong Kong. Yesterday we were taken by our Tour Guide, Mr. Li, in Shanghai to a restaurant that servers food from […]

Mrs. St-Cyr felt adventurous yesterday. We ventured on our own onto the streets of Hong Kong and bravely entered a local restaurant that had come recommended by our hotel concierge. When we got there we felt that it must be a pretty good restaurant indeed, since there were many people waiting in line for a […]

Food Market

We were strolling not too far from our hotel when we found a typical street market. Live & dead animals were for sale as well as fresh vegetable and fruit. Mrs. St-Cyr and my eyes were growing larger and larger the more we were able to identify some of the items that were for sale. […]