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Here is a delayed post. When we were in Xi’An we did not have time to post the following: After a long day touring, we were taken to the Tang-Dynasty Palace where we were served a dumpling dinner. Dumplings are fillings wrapped in transparent rice-dough wrappers. The fillings seemed to be as varied as the […]

Terra Cotta Warrior Army

Watch the Video from the Terra-Cotta Video [wmv width=”320″ height=”240″]http://sjeds.org/blog/china/movies/terracotta.wmv[/wmv]: Each warrior is unique. Not one face looks like another. Some of the warriors have beards, some have mustaches, some smile, while others have an expression of concentration. You can even tell how old they must be by looking at the wrinkles on their faces. […]

Xi’An Tour

Our day was filled with adventure and excitement. On the way to visit a Terra-Cotta Warrior factory, we asked our guide to stop at a pharmacy to purchase some needed items. We expected everything to be in Chinese… but surely did not expect to see dozens of nurses, wearing pink uniforms (the kind that nurses […]

Did you know that in China they use the 24 hour time or military time system? So if it is 9 pm at night, you will see and hear 21:00. If it is 2 pm in China they would say 14:00. In China we have been seeing the dates written “backwards”. Today is 12.7.06. In […]

Xi’An- Update

Ni Hao SJEDS, We spent a long day visiting the Terra-Cotta Warriors. It was amazing. We are only back at our hotel for a few minutes before we head out again for a “Dumpling Dinner”. Jose is very exhausted from today’s tour and might stay back at the hotel to catch up on his sleep. […]

A Riddle..

Our local tour guide in Xi’An asked us the following: A centipede crossed a river in China. All but two of his feet got wet. Do you know why? Write your answers as a comment on this post and we will let you know the answer tomorrow.

Be an Archaeologist! Excavate your own Terra-Cotta Warrior. Your race coordinators will give each team a plaster block, a chisel and a brush. The team will line up all their members. Using the chisel each team member will have exactly 15 seconds to try to uncover a terra cotta warrior. Be extra careful when trying […]