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Jose had a great time with our tour guide. He was also practicing counting to 10 in Chinese. Jose heard that the sixth graders are practicing to greet their teachers in Chinese when they enter the classroom. Listen to the two sound files and practice Chinese!

Shanghai Tour

Shanghai, which means “Above the Sea” is China’s most populous city. with a population of 13 million. The Huangpu River is 68 miles in length and flows into the Yangzi River. Our first stop was the Jinmao Dasha. The building houses the world’s fastest elevator. We shot up into the air 88 floors in about […]

Yao Ming

People of Shanghai are very proud of one of their own. His name is Yao Ming and he was born September 12, 1980 in Shanghai, China. He is a Chinese professional basketball player and is currently considered one of the premiere centers in the National Basketball Association. At 7’6″ (2.29 m), Yao Ming is currently […]

Welcome to Day three of the Amazing Race. ORIGAMI Today you will demonstrate your ability in an ancient Chinese Art form. As you know, paper was invented in China. It is only natural that the Chinese started to “play” with the paper. Your Race Coordinators will show you the final product and guide your through […]