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Here is a picture of one of the many taxis that are buzzing around Hong Kong. Most of them are the color red. Can you see the driver on the right side of the car? Ms. Barnwell’s class was the first class to respond with the reason for that. Way to go third graders!!!! Since […]

Hong Kong Currency

When we arrived last night in Hong Kong, the first thing we needed to do before we even left the airport was to exchange our American Dollars to the local money currency. In Hong Kong people use the Hong Kong Dollar. Can you see the majestic lion that is on the paper bills? They are […]

Jose in his PJs resting in our Hotel in Hong Kong. We all are very exhausted! We hope we’ll get some sleep so we are all rested up to experience this big city of Hong Kong. Sleep good. .flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; } .flickr-yourcomment { } .flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; } […]

The airplane flew an amazing route. Can you tell from the picture where we were flying over? That is right…. THE NORTH POLE!!! WOW. No, we could not see anything below, since it was dark. So we cannot claim a Santa Clause sighting. We are sorry… The captain of the plane informed us that we […]

travel 016

.flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; } .flickr-yourcomment { } .flickr-frame { text-align: left; padding: 3px; } .flickr-caption { font-size: 0.8em; margin-top: 0px; } travel 016, originally uploaded by sjeds_photos.

Jose in Airplane

I think Jose had a very comfortable flight. We were on the airplane for 15 hours and 55 minutes! We ate tons of food like Steak with rice, then a cheeseburger and Hagan Daaz ice cream and in the morning (or is it night here?) eggs with sausage. .flickr-photo { border: solid 2px #000000; } […]