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Hacky Sack

Playing Hacky Sack is a pastime in China that not only children but adults enjoy as well. How long will your class be able to keep the Hacky Sack going without touching the ground? [wmv width=”320″ height=”240″]http://sjeds.org/blog/china/movies/hackysack.wmv[/wmv]


In our two weeks of travel we used many different transportation methods in order to get from point A to point B. We have learned that people in different parts of the world are using very different kinds of transportation what we are used to in Jacksonville, Florida/USA. The kind of transportation used, often depends […]

China Crossword Puzzle

Test your knowledge about China, by completing the following puzzle. You can download a  copy of a crossword puzzle. Across 4. Official Language spoken in China? 5. Chinese money currency. 9. Which city is called “Pearl of the Orient”? 11. Typical ancient alley in Beijing? 12. How many stars does the Chinese Flag have? Down […]


Here is the post everyone has been waiting for. Yes, come on… admit it… Restrooms are a little bit different in China to the ones we are used to in America. Now we can’t obviously speak for the “Washroom” for the gentlemen, but we are assuming that is is not much different. Here are a […]

What do they have in common?

You will look at several photos we took in the last few days. Can you tell what ALL these photos have in common. You will need to think as a Chinese girl or boy and then you will be able to figure it out. We wonder which class will be able to come up with […]

Welcome to Day Six of the Amazing Race. It is always important to know the numbers in the local language when visiting another country. Big misunderstandings can occur when making purchases or while asking what gate in the airport your plane is leaving from and you are not sure of what numbers were said. Race […]

Chinese Money

The official currency in China is the Renminbi, RMB, also called the Yuan. We exchanged some American Dollars at the airport in Beijing and received 7.82 RMB for every Dollar.

Chinese Horoscope

In China people believe that the animal of your birth year can predict what kind of personality you will have. It is similar to the Astrology Signs we use in the United States, although those are determined according to the day of the month you were born in. Do you know what Horoscope Sign you […]

Chinese Flag

The red symbolizes the blood of the heroes. The big yellow star stands for the government and the four smaller stars represent the people of China.

Did you know that in China they use the 24 hour time or military time system? So if it is 9 pm at night, you will see and hear 21:00. If it is 2 pm in China they would say 14:00. In China we have been seeing the dates written “backwards”. Today is 12.7.06. In […]

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