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We were very lucky to be able to communicate throughout our journey to China through this blog with the teachers and students from SJEDS. Every hotel we stayed in, had Internet connections available for us, some faster than others. During our last day in Shanghai, we started having problems accessing certain websites, such as the […]


Here is the post everyone has been waiting for. Yes, come on… admit it… Restrooms are a little bit different in China to the ones we are used to in America. Now we can’t obviously speak for the “Washroom” for the gentlemen, but we are assuming that is is not much different. Here are a […]

Did you know that in China they use the 24 hour time or military time system? So if it is 9 pm at night, you will see and hear 21:00. If it is 2 pm in China they would say 14:00. In China we have been seeing the dates written “backwards”. Today is 12.7.06. In […]

Ni Hao SJEDS, Many of you have asked us about Restaurants here in China. So far we have been to several ones. You already read about our adventure at the Dim Sum restaurant in Hong Kong. Yesterday we were taken by our Tour Guide, Mr. Li, in Shanghai to a restaurant that servers food from […]

Today, Monday, we had the pleasure of visiting with some amazing students and teachers from the German Swiss International School in Hong Kong. We were able to explore the school and visit with Pre-Kindergarten through 4th grade students. They do not wear a uniform (only for P.E.). A typical school day starts at 7:40 am […]

Mrs. St-Cyr felt adventurous yesterday. We ventured on our own onto the streets of Hong Kong and bravely entered a local restaurant that had come recommended by our hotel concierge. When we got there we felt that it must be a pretty good restaurant indeed, since there were many people waiting in line for a […]

Hong Kong has some amazing buildings. Most of the skyscrapers are elegant shaped, skinny, and shinning buildings. They are beautiful to look at. In the city, before a company builds any building a Feng Shui Master has to approve the plans. Legend has it that a dragon lives on the hillside of Hong Kong. When […]