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This is the last letter (number 25) of your China ABC puzzle. “A” stands for Artifact. Make sure that you have 25 letters. Mix them up in a certain order to reveal the mystery words. Hint: There are five words.

This is letter number 24 of your China ABC puzzle. “S” stands for Soldiers.

This is letter number 23 of your China ABC puzzle. “A” stands for Ancestors.

This is letter number 22 in your China ABC puzzle. “Y” stands for Ying Yang. Ying Yang Taoism was very important in the Chinese Empire. The symbol of yin-yang, the two opposites, is an integral part of Taoism. This slide puzzle contains a picture of the yin-yang symbol, broken up into 16 pieces. Play an […]

This is letter number 21 for your China ABC puzzle. “O” stands for Oracle Bones. Shamans made divinations by applying a hot point to bones of animals to create cracks, which were then interpreted and the results etched into the bones.

This letter number 20 for your Chinese ABC puzzle. “O” stands for Orient. The Orient is a term traditionally used in Western culture to refer to the Near, Middle, and Far East. People from these areas have been referred to as “Orientals”.

This is letter number 19 for your China ABC puzzle. “S” stands for Symbols. Symbols are very important in Chinese culture. Many symbols are animals, colors or numbers. Yellow, the royal color used by the emperors, represents power and authority. The color red symbolizes good fortune and joy to the Chinese people. The colors green […]

This is letter number 18 for your China ABC puzzle: “E” stands for Emperor. An emperor is a (male) monarch, usually the sovereign ruler of an empire or another type of imperial realm. Empress is the feminine form. As a title, “empress” may indicate the wife of an emperor or a woman who is a […]

This is letter number 17 for your China ABC puzzle. “O” stands for Olympics. The Olympic Games or Olympics is an international multi-sport event taking place every four years and comprising summer and winter games. Beginning in 776 BC, they were originally held in Olympia, Greece until 393 AD. The Summer Olympics (Games of the […]

This is letter number 16 for your China ABC puzzle. “H” stands for Hong Kong: Hong Kong is on the eastern side of the Pearl River Delta on the southeastern coast of the People’s Republic of China, facing the South China Sea in the south, and bordering Guangdong Province in the north. Because Hong Kong […]

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