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Students are to each re-draw a part of the Great Wall of China, according to real measurements sent from the Great Wall by Mrs. Tolisano and Mrs. St. Cyr. Here are the measurements of a brick on the Great Wall taken on December 12th, 2006: Length: 39 centimeters Height: 9 centimeters They are to make […]

Welcome to Day Six of the Amazing Race. It is always important to know the numbers in the local language when visiting another country. Big misunderstandings can occur when making purchases or while asking what gate in the airport your plane is leaving from and you are not sure of what numbers were said. Race […]

Be an Archaeologist! Excavate your own Terra-Cotta Warrior. Your race coordinators will give each team a plaster block, a chisel and a brush. The team will line up all their members. Using the chisel each team member will have exactly 15 seconds to try to uncover a terra cotta warrior. Be extra careful when trying […]

Tai Chi is an ancient form of Chinese exercise and movements. You will watch a Tai Chi sequence on video today. Race coordinators will divide your team into 4 groups. All students will practice imitating a sequence that race coordinator predetermined. All members of the group have to perform the same sequence. When group feels […]

Welcome to Day three of the Amazing Race. ORIGAMI Today you will demonstrate your ability in an ancient Chinese Art form. As you know, paper was invented in China. It is only natural that the Chinese started to “play” with the paper. Your Race Coordinators will show you the final product and guide your through […]

Amazing Race – Day 2

A DETOUR is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. The team will vote which task to perform. Majority wins. Teams must successfully complete one of the tasks described on the clue in order receive points. CHOICE 1: Proverbs should imitate the style and tone of the Proverbs of Confucius […]

Welcome to the Amazing Race

Six teams of fifth and sixth grade classes are embarking on an Amazing Race through China. Together with their teachers, they will complete challenges and follow clues to different places in order to earn points. The team that works close together, accurately, and enthusiastically will ultimately prevail. REMEMBER:Your race coordinators will help you along the […]