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We were very lucky to be able to communicate throughout our journey to China through this blog with the teachers and students from SJEDS.

Every hotel we stayed in, had Internet connections available for us, some faster than others. During our last day in Shanghai, we started having problems accessing certain websites, such as the Photo Service we were using to upload photos. This continued during our stay in Xi’An, but miraculously solved itself as soon as we arrived in Beijing.

While trying to research places we had visited during the day in order to add documentation to our blog posts, we found that we were not able to access Wikipedia.org and other websites at all. Something we are not used to at all here in America. It was an odd feeling being behind the great “Firewall” of China.
In anticipation of our travels, I had installed a program called Skype on the laptop. That program served as well, since we were able to make free calls back home to other skype members (computer to computer) and only be charged a few cents per minute to calls from the laptop to a land phone line. We also were able to use Skype to hold a video conference with some of the students back home at SJEDS.

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