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In our two weeks of travel we used many different transportation methods in order to get from point A to point B. We have learned that people in different parts of the world are using very different kinds of transportation what we are used to in Jacksonville, Florida/USA.

The kind of transportation used, often depends on the city the people live in. Does the city have a lot or few people? Is it located in the mountains, river or at the sea? Are the people poor or are they rich?

Hong Kong is a city located on an island at the South China Sea. Since the island has also many mountains, there is not much space for the people to live and move about. We did not see many private cars driving around Hong Kong, but mostly taxis, double decker buses, and double decker trams. People in Hong Kong also use many ferries to get around town. Although traffic is very hectic and chaotic, we were surprised that people seldom used their horns while driving. In the video you will see a clip about many woman from the Philippines who live and work in Hong Kong and on the weekend send boxes back to their families home.

In Shanghai the “horn honking” changed dramatically. Everybody used them to warn others “Here I come, no matter what…”. There were also many taxis driving around town. Before leaving Shanghai, we were able to take the Maglev train. it is the fastest train in the world. We reached 431 km/h.

In Xi’An we learned that no lane lines are being honored. Everybody chooses to drove where ever there is a little room to squeeze through. Bicycles share the same roads (even Highways) with automobiles. Those bicycles look usually very old and carry heavy cargo, sometimes two to three times the hight of the actual bike. We also saw many, many bikes carrying two people.

Beijing seemed to be the most crowded city, we visited. We were almost always stuck in a traffic jam. That was especially nerve wrecking when trying to get to the airport in order to board our plane back to the United States. In Beijing we also were driven for the first time in a Rickshaw around the narrow Hutongs (alleys). Those are the preferred methods of taxis for many.
[wmv width=”320″ height=”240″]http://sjeds.org/blog/china/movies/transportation.wmv[/wmv]

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