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Here is the post everyone has been waiting for. Yes, come on… admit it…

Restrooms are a little bit different in China to the ones we are used to in America. Now we can’t obviously speak for the “Washroom” for the gentlemen, but we are assuming that is is not much different.
Here are a few observations during our trip.

1. Squatting toilets:

It seems that most Chinese women, even elderly ones are very trained in using these kind of toilets. In most restrooms that we frequented there was a least one stall with a “Western style” toilet.
Xian 056 hong_kong 135 hong_kong 134

2. Toilet Paper:
Xian 127 shanghai 077

Only on very rare occasions will you find actual toilet paper in the stalls. Most of the time they are hidden somewhere else in the restroom, outside of the stall. We wondered why that was the case? Do you think it is to prevent toilet paper waste?

3. Flushing:

shanghai 010

We also found a toilet that had two buttons to choose from for flushing. One to only use half the amount of water and the other to use all the water in the tank.

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