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In our two weeks of travel we used many different transportation methods in order to get from point A to point B. We have learned that people in different parts of the world are using very different kinds of transportation what we are used to in Jacksonville, Florida/USA. The kind of transportation used, often depends […]

China Crossword Puzzle

Test your knowledge about China, by completing the following puzzle. You can download a  copy of a crossword puzzle. Across 4. Official Language spoken in China? 5. Chinese money currency. 9. Which city is called “Pearl of the Orient”? 11. Typical ancient alley in Beijing? 12. How many stars does the Chinese Flag have? Down […]


Here is the post everyone has been waiting for. Yes, come on… admit it… Restrooms are a little bit different in China to the ones we are used to in America. Now we can’t obviously speak for the “Washroom” for the gentlemen, but we are assuming that is is not much different. Here are a […]

Off to the airport

We will be picked up by the tour guide in a few minutes to be taken to the airport. We are logging off for the last time in China and hope to see all of you on Friday at school before you head off into winter break. Zai jian, Mrs. Tolisano & Mrs. St-Cyr

Peking Dinner

After climbing the Great Wall we were taken to a food specialty of Beijing, the Peking Duck. The link below explains the dinner, the only difference is that on Mrs. St-Cyr’s plate the head of the duck was still on it, staring at her… Further Reading: Peking Duck

Ming Tombs

After visiting the Jade Factory, we headed for the Ming Tombs, the resting place of 13 of the 16 emperors from the Ming dynasty. The Chang Ling tomb, the final resting place of the Emperor Yongle (1360-1424), was the first built and is the most impressive. The underground vault where the Emperor and Empress are […]

Great Wall of China Part II

[wmv width=”320″ height=”240″]http://sjeds.org/blog/china/movies/great-wall.wmv[/wmv]

Jade Factory

On our way to the Great Wall, we visited a jade factory. Jade is very important to the Chinese culture, they call it the Chinese Diamond. It is worn for good luck, protection against sickness, and as an amulet for travelers. Mrs Inclan: Jade is comprised of two minerals, Jadeite and Nephrite. Jadeite is more […]

This is the last letter (number 25) of your China ABC puzzle. “A” stands for Artifact. Make sure that you have 25 letters. Mix them up in a certain order to reveal the mystery words. Hint: There are five words.

This is letter number 24 of your China ABC puzzle. “S” stands for Soldiers.

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